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Neeraja Lockart

Get to know Neeraja Lockart, a designer on season two of Design Star. This statuesque beauty is a former fashion model who now works as a photo stylist and make-up artist.

Name: Neeraja Lockart

Show Canceled: Challenge 2

Age: 42

Home: Palm Springs, California

Profession: Photo Stylist

Education: High school graduate

Why I should win: Why not?!!!

A designer's best friend: Paint and wallpaper.

My secret weapon: My imagination.

My design style boils down to: Color and drama.

Three favorite styles:
1. Maximalism
2. Modern
3. Hollywood regency

A design do: Color.

A design don't: Beige on beige on beige.

Favorite designer: Muriel Brandolini.

Favorite room to design: Bathroom.

Unusual skills: I can lay tile and I'm also a make-up artist.

Dream design project: Designing my own nightclub.

If you win, what kind of show would you like to do: I would love to do segments on boutique hotels around the world, modern architecture across the country and fashion designers in their homes.

Family: My mom, who is my biggest fan and my 16-year-old daughter.

When not working, I'm: Freakin' out. It is best that I am always working.

Childhood dream: To marry David Bowie.

My dream vacation: Vietnam or Shanghai.

Four words that describe me: Playful, funny, moody and creative.

If my life were a sitcom, it would be: Neeraja 90210.

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