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Josh Foss

Josh Foss of Design Star season two considers himself a "metro-hippie" who loves to incorporate natural, sustainable and "green" elements into all his designs.

Name: Josh Foss

Show Canceled: Challenge 2

Age: 25

Home: St. Paul, Minnesota

Profession: Green Designer

Education: Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts — Principia College

Why I should win: I have a fun, progressive and "green" perspective toward design and life.

A designer's best friend: Their imagination.

My design style boils down to: Warm modern, clean lines, retro twist.

Three favorite design styles:
1. Modern
2. Eclectic
3. Contemporary

A design do: Quality over quantity — it is better to have one thing you love than four that you don't.

A design don't: Furnish and decorate your home from one source.

Favorite designer: Charles and Ray Eames. My dad worked for them back in the early 1960s.

If I weren't a designer, I'd be: A whale-watching tour guide.

Favorite room to design: Living room.

Dream design project: Design the interior of an organic deli or restaurant in a 'hip" part of town.

If you win, what kind of show would you like to do: A show that incorporates green design into people's minds.

Family: My mom, Monica; older brother, Asa, and sister, Lara.

When not working, I'm: Biking, jogging or at an independent movie theater.

Something you'd never guess about me: I have a wardrobe larger than four teenage girls combined.

Unusual skills: Above-average freestyle walker.

Childhood dream: To be an architect or professional baseball player.

My dream vacation: Sail the Pacific coast from Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Three words that describe me: Metro-hippie, driven and bona fide.

What scares me: Apathy toward our environment.

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