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Carey Evans

Learn more about Carey Evans of Don't Sweat It.

Carey Evans has been working artistically her entire life. Her parents could see early on that she had an eye for creative design and enrolled her in art-focused schools in her hometown. After studying art history, painting, drawing and sculpture she was led to another, less common skill of welding. Carey was always the first to grab her tools and get to work when a theater she was involved with needed help with construction. From backstage, and then onstage, she always added her creative input into set design and construction.

When television design shows started airing, Carey saw an area in which she could really contribute. Not only can she creatively design the room, she can build it too. Her love for understanding her clients' needs comes across in all of her designs, and she is able to use her wide experience in unexpected ways. From turning a family heirloom into something useful to tearing down a wall, Carey is quite the handywoman to have around. No two rooms are ever the same for Carey, because each client brings new tastes and experiences into the space.

You can currently catch Evans and her design work on HGTV's My First Place and FreeStyle. When not working in television, Carey creates designs for businesses and private clients across the country from her base in New York City.

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