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Kendra Todd

Learn more about Kendra Todd, real estate expert and host of My House Is Worth What?.

Kendra Todd, real estate expert and host of My House Is Worth What?, is also the managing broker of the Kendra Todd Group, a real estate firm that matches buyers with properties that fit their goals and helps them achieve financial freedom. Her first book, Risk and Grow Rich, has been an instant success, conveying the challenge and importance of taking risks to create wealth.

She was the first woman to win Donald Trump's smash hit show, The Apprentice. As a real estate broker, investor, entrepreneur, author and lecturer, she brings a rich, insightful and in-depth knowledge of the real estate world and is dedicated to educating consumers and inspiring others to reach their financial goals and dreams.

The University of Florida graduate has been featured in several major publications, including Forbes, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Woman's World. She is a regular columnist for, where she is helping the public understand the trends and cycles of today's market while advising experienced investors on growing their individual portfolios.

Read Kendra's keys to increasing the bottom line.

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