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Jim Caruk

Master contractor Jim Caruk is the charismatic guide on the journey into the land of Real Renos. With his endless charm, good looks and 20 years of experience, Caruk can inspire, finesse and put out fires without ever breaking a sweat.

Originally starting in the heating and air-conditioning industry (on the advice of his brother), Caruk quickly discovered his true passion: renovations. And as his company, The Caruk Group, grew, so did his projects. Over the years, Caruk has worked with some of Toronto's most successful architects and designers, with spectacular results.

Whether driving up in his half-ton, his sports car or on his Harley, Caruk will always be wired for sound, giving the audience a true insider's look into the day-to-day goings-on at each job site.

You'll also get to know Caruk's trusty foremen Claudio and Neil; they're the guys who make the sites run smoothly. And as they keep reminding Caruk, they're the guys who do all the work.

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