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Allison Whitlock

Meet crafter Allison Whitlock, host of Uncommon Threads.

Australian-born crafter, creator and design diva Allison Whitlock has been dabbling in all things needle since the ripe age of 4, when she first became mesmerized by the click-clack of metallic knitting needles. Taught by her relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers and anyone who had a skill and five minutes to share it, she has since become a deft hand at several of the fiber arts including crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting and sewing.

A passion for contemporary design and a love of popular culture led Allison down a career path in design and television. It was that path that took her from Sydney to New York, where she has worked as a writer, stylist and producer for cable programs such as Sheila Bridges' Designer Living, A Swell Holiday and the modern design must-see Dwell. In Australia, Allison's credits include the edgy and irreverent By Design and the award-winning contemporary living series Home, in which she has appeared both in front of and behind the camera.

The self-confessed design-obsessed DIY'er took a diversion from needlecrafts in her twenties, putting down needles in favor of more powerful tools when she renovated two Sydney homes (the second was watched by a few million Australian television viewers on The LifeStyle Channel). She then began to focus on interiors, taking on small design consultations in her spare time.

A move to New York and a chance meeting with Stitch 'N Bitch author Debbie Stoller took Allison back to her roots. She rediscovered knitting and crochet as a way to pass the time on the subway ride from Brooklyn to Midtown.

Finally Allison found a way of combining her passion for contemporary design and her fondness for fiber arts. Her favorite projects are those that incorporate the clean lines and minimal simplicity of modernism with the intricate detail and cultural significance of old fashioned needle crafts.

See what Allison knits next as the host of Uncommon Threads!

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