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Matt Steele

Learn more about Matt Steele of Designed to Sell.

Matt Steele is originally from central New York. His maternal and paternal grandfathers were both master craftsmen and carpenters. They produced handmade re-curve tournament and hunting bows used around the world. Today those bows are hard to find and a collector's dream.

His penchant for constructing (or destructing) things was evident at a very early age. Rumor has it that as a toddler, and unbeknownst to his parents, Matt took advantage of some unsupervised time after a nap one day and disassembled his crib quite easily. When it collapsed, his mother recalls, "All the nuts and bolts were in the middle of crib." From that point on, his constructive ability was encouraged often, but with a bit more supervision.

Although his knack for creative carpentry and building has led him to HGTV's Designed to Sell, his career path did not originate there. He began his career behind a microphone in radio at WEBO-AM/WQWT-FM in Owego, N.Y., where he worked as a board operator and weekend news writer while attending college. After school, he relocated to Northern Virginia, where he was offered the evening time slot as an on-air Top 40 DJ and production announcer with 97.5 WKMZ-FM. Other credentials include a residence as the voice of WJAL-TV, a then WB affiliate in Chambersburg, Penn. Matt is also a licensed private pilot rated in helicopters and airplanes.

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