Create a Dream Room From Design Star Challenge 6

Our last three designers have tremendous talent and for their challenge, they have been given the task of helping people who are deserving of great room makeovers and transforming their lives by transforming their spaces.

  • David does a great job of incorporating a unique play space for small children.
  • David's use of a predominantly neutral scheme for walls and upholstery lets the bright and colorful toys balance beautifully with the rest of the interiors.
  • The dark craft/drawing table blends with the bookcases and trim color to make the overall feel of the room seem well thought-out while serving a much-needed function.
  • By giving Felicity a small, dining table that folds to the side to allow for dancing in the middle of the common room, Tym demonstrates that he is listening to his customer.
  • Although Tym shows smart restraint by editing carefully for a New York apartment, a few more injections of "life" through plants, throw pillows and artwork would have been a better choice.
  • Tym makes investments in big, major movements with his furniture placement, but falls a little short when it comes to the details.
  • For Alice, the challenge becomes incorporating plenty of comfortable seating, a refrigerator for readily accessible beverages, a television and room for books, games and other "manly" accoutrements.
  • Alice does a nice job of incorporating a comfortable couch, and additional chairs for reading.
  • Alice incorporates plenty of storage and a clever side table that multifunctions by also storing built-in board games. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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