Townhouse to Your House from Design Star Challenge 1

For their first Design Starchallenge, the 10 designers had to turn an empty townhouse in New York City into their "home away from home." Here are my tips for some things they did right and wrong and how apply them to your space.

  • Donna and Teman were given the task of transforming this awkwardly narrow foyer/parlor into a great first impression of the home. By placing a large sofa at an angle, they narrowed the room even further.
  • Painting the room a color which makes a statement on its own is a great way to fill space and give the room substance.
  • By starting with a space plan that pulled the main seating into the middle of the room, Alice, Temple and Ramona made a warm and inviting place to sit and converse.
  • A rug with some color and texture can help inject character and life into the room.
  • Bold statements, like a large mural on a wall, are a great way to add interest —but make sure they are done well and that you are comfortable with the subject matter.
  • Adding warm elements like natural wood, fresh color, inviting seating and live plants can transform a bleak space into an exterior oasis.
  • Exterior artwork is always a wonderful idea— but a collection of the wrong elements outside can culminate in looking like a junk pile rather than an art statement.
  • Anytime you are working with larger items, it's always wise to place them first before you even begin to think about color or fabrics. The design team did a great job in laying out these beds.
  • A secondary color allows accents to pop and be noticed, adding needed detail to the space without cluttering the visual plane. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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