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Donna Freeman

Learn more about real estate expert Donna Freeman of HGTV's Secrets That Sell.

Veteran real estate agent Donna Freeman sums up a home seller's biggest mistake in two words: litter box. Such succinct and brutally truthful observations have earned Donna a loyal following of fans eager to hear what will roll off her tongue next. With nearly 30 years of experience, she knows the importance of show — and signs of furry four-legged friends aren't what buyers want to see.

The Oklahoma transplant has trained her daughter and cohort, Shannon Freeman, to also tell it like she sees it. Though Donna knows that home ownership is still the great American dream, she's dumbfounded that real estate has become such a hot topic. "People are obsessed with real estate," she says. "Even when we go out socially, people ask us about it. We sometimes make up fake occupations just to get away from talking about it."

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