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Shannon Freeman

Learn more about real estate expert Shannon Freeman of HGTV's Secrets That Sell.

Shannon Freeman jokes that she became a real estate agent when she was 3 years old. That stems from a childhood traipsing along with her mother and fellow Designed to Sell agent, Donna Freeman. Though real estate was in her blood, Shannon didn't decide to make a go of it until after she graduated from college.

With eight years officially under her belt, Shannon knows how to make a home appeal to the masses to generate a buzz about it. Fans of the show know better than to be fooled by Shannon's California-girl-next-door looks. She has mastered the art of giving a painful analysis with a loving smile, including in her mother's home. Her latest coup was coaxing Donna to update the dated almond-color switchplates and outlets in her home with bright white ones.

When not critiquing each other's homes or those on Designed to Sell, the sharp-tongued duo pen a newspaper column called "House Rules."

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