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Emmanuel Belliveau

Learn more about Emmanuel Belliveau of My Parents' House.

Bringing a charming flair to My Parents' House, Emmanuel Belliveau is one of television's newest and hottest celebrities. As valedictorian of his Canadian high school and editor of the yearbook (he credits this as his first foray into the design world), Belliveau began establishing a long list of accomplishments. At Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he obtained a BSc. in Kinesiology and graduated on the Deans list—a high achiever, indeed. Belliveau then decided to explore the opposite end of the country and planted himself on the west coast of Canada. While living in Vancouver and working at various jobs, he was inspired to exercise his creative side. He took acting lessons and continued to sharpen his creative instincts during a year-long design internship with FNDA Architecture Inc. He studied under the supervision of Farouk Noormohamed (Principal Architect) and Farida Noormohament (Interiors). Working closely with FNDA Architecture on various commercial and residential projects, Belliveau learned the design trade from the inside out, finding stylish solutions to fulfill the unique needs of clients, whether the job was large or small.

Combining his design talents with his acting skills and natural charm, Belliveau is right at home with co-host and co-designer Andrika Lawren. Watch this design duo in action as they turn "old and dated" to "fresh and contemporary" on My Parents' House.

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