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Kenneth Brown

Learn more about interior designer Kenneth Brown, host of reDesign.

Trend-setting interior designer Kenneth Brown blends the warmth of Southern hospitality with clean Southern California lines. He is one of L.A.'s most successful designers, retained to design interiors of multimillion-dollar homes as well as working with clients on a tight budget.

The concept of gracious living came early to Kenneth, who grew up in Baton Rouge, La. After attending Louisiana State University, he studied both industrial and interior design during a year at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England. During that year he traveled throughout Europe and further fine-tuned his aesthetic.

Kenneth's unique environments reflect his belief that a sense of comfort should be part of any home's purpose, and his vision includes creating homes that are welcoming, comfortable and suited to his clients' lifestyle. His easygoing personality creates a low-stress situation during the process. In fact, the process is what reDesign is all about. TV cameras follow the gifted designer as he works with homeowners to achieve beautiful, original designs while offering insight into how a designer approaches his work.

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