Easy, Yummy Food Gifts

HGTV Magazine shows you how to wrap up easy-to-make treats in cute packaging. Find the recipes at the bottom of each slide, and you’ll have an impressive and delicious present!

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Sarah Anne Ward

Cinnamon Ginger Applesauce

Fill a canning jar with the applesauce and seal. Attach a bamboo spoon with washi tape, wrapping tape around the jar so the ends meet underneath. Stamp a gift tag with an apple icon; write the treat's name on it. Attach it to the tape with glue spots. Canning jar: Bale square 19-ounce glass jar, specialtybottle.com; Spoon: Raspberry Chevron wooden spoon, paperpresentation.com; Tape: Red Candy Striped washi tape, justartifacts.net; Stamp: Apple stamp, judikins.com for stores; Gift tag: Crest Solar White 2 1/2\" circle card, paperpresentation.com

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