HGTV Star Designed Christmas Trees

HGTV Magazine asked a few HGTV stars to design their own version of this holiday staple. As expected, everyone got creative.

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  • Candy-Covered by David Bromstad

    \"What's sweeter and more fabulous than a candy tree? Mix real swirly lollipops with a fake candy garland and colorful Christmas balls.\"—David Bromstad, Color Splash

  • Nature-Inspired by John Colaneri

    \"Head outside and gather branches, acorns, and pinecones. There are also some really nice natural-looking ornaments on the market this season, so you could easily add those, too.\"—John Colaneri, Cousins Undercover

  • Black and White by Tiffany Brooks

    \"It has to be black-and-white for a tabletop tree. I'm talking black and white patterns, silhouettes, and gem-shaped black-and-white ornaments. I promise it's stunning!\"—Tiffany Brooks, HGTV Smart Home 2014

  • DIY Ornament

    Paint unfinished wood ornaments with white acrylic paint. Outline a silhouette clip art image (find them online) with a heavy pencil line. Flip the paper over and rub to transfer the pencil outline onto the wood. Fill in the silhouette with a black marker.

  • Beach-Themed by Sabrina Soto

    \"I'm mildly obsessed with Hawaii and the beach, hence this seaside tabletop tree. The garland’s made of knotted rope—very nautical!—and the ornaments are painted starfish and shells.\"—Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project

  • Snowflake Photos by Vern Yip

    \"I love the idea of big paper snowflakes on a tree. Add a black-and-white photo to the center of each one and you have something special.\"—Vern Yip, Live in Vern's House

  • DIY Ornament

    Make your own snowflakes, or buy a snowflake-like garland and separate the individual flakes from the string. Cut a photo or black-and-white copy of a photo into a circle, hot-glue to a circle of red paper, then hot-glue to the snowflake's center.

  • Pom-Poms by Genevieve Gorder

    \"Keep it simple with ornaments that aren’t ordinary. Pom-poms en masse? So cute.\"—Genevieve Gorder, Genevieve's Renovation

  • Costume Jewelry by Hilary Farr

    \"I'm all about understated elegance—except when it comes to Christmas decorating. Turn old jewelry into ornaments, then add silver balls and garland.\"—Hilary Farr, Love It or List It

  • DIY Ornament

    Turn mismatched vintage jewelry into ornaments. Hot-glue the jewels on the bottom or inside of mini tart tins. Hot-glue ribbon loops to hang.

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