A Dozen Fun Easter Ideas

Get your home hopping with these pretty-adorable ways to decorate for this springtime holiday from HGTV Magazine.

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Alison Gootee

Make a \"Cheep\" Ribbon Wreath

Tie 8-inch pieces of grosgrain ribbon around a wire wreath form until it's full. Roost baby yellow chenille chicks around the circle with hot glue. Wreath form:10\" double rail ring, $2, mainewreathco.com; chicks: 2 1/4\" chenille chicks, $3 for a set of 3, factorydirectcraft.com

Alison Gootee

Whip Up Holiday Pancakes

Place Easter-shaped molds on a preheated pan and fill with batter. When the bottoms of the pancakes are set, remove the molds by their handles, then flip them to finish cooking. Molds: Easter mini pancake molds, $15 for a set of 3, williams-sonoma.com

Alison Gootee

Hatch a Teeny-Tiny Vase

Pierce the top of a raw egg with a pin, then gently poke the hole with your finger to widen it. Empty the whites and yolk, and rinse the shell with water. Fill with delicate flowers like sweet pea and mimosa. Put a single shell in an eggcup or arrange a dozen in a carton. Eggcup: Try Etsy for a variety of styles.

Alison Gootee

Style a Pretty Place Setting

Dye eggs, then use a hole punch to cut circles from adhesive white label paper (available at office supply stores). Peel the backing off each dot and stick it to the egg. Nestle it in a faux nest, available at craft stores. Nest: 3\" natural birds' nests, $14.50 for 12, factorydirectcraft.com

Alison Gootee

Use a Cute-As-a-Button Pot

Invite the Easter bunny in via this sweet moss-covered pot. Add a bunch of fresh daffodils, snipped about 6 inches long so the blooms just peek out the top of the container. Topiary pot: Moss-covered bunny with 5\" pot, $16, save-on-crafts.com

Alison Gootee

Nest Eggs in a Vase

Line the bottom of a clear, footed vessel with a few fern fronds — find them at the florist or in many supermarket bouquets — so the leaves rest against the sides of the glass. Nestle a pile of eggs, dyed different shades of blue, in the leaves. Vase: Amfora, $20, jamaligarden.com

Alison Gootee

Drizzle-Dye Eggs

Mix red and blue egg dye to make purple. Drip the dye over the egg from a teaspoon so it streaks down the sides. Repeat, holding the egg at different angles. Footed bowls: Try eBay for a variety of styles.

Alison Gootee

String a Paint-Chip Garland

Pick paint sample cards that are at least 3 inches by 2 inches. Using an oval paper punch, cut egg shapes, making sure two of the palette's colors are in each cutout. Then use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of each egg. String eggs together with twine, and hang. Paper punch: Paper Shapers large oval, $14, joann.com; twine: Divine Twine in green apple, $15, whiskergraphics.com

Alison Gootee

Send Guests Home With a Treat

Paint small terra-cotta pots with pastel chalkboard paint, then write a name on each with white chalk. Fill containers with shredded paper and chocolate bunnies. Paint: Martha Stewart Crafts chalkboard paint in green and blue, $6 for 6 ounces, Michaels stores; chocolate: Placesetting milk chocolate Easter bunny, $4 each, lakechamplainchocolates.com; pots: 3\" terra-cotta clay pots, $1 each, starnursery.com

Alison Gootee

Gold-Dip a Dozen

Tint eggs bright pink using neon dye. Let dry, then dunk into gold craft paint. Let gold paint dry, then show them off in a pretty egg tray. Dye: McCormick neon food color and egg dye, $3.50 for a set of 4 colors, walmart.com; paint: Anita's metallic acrylic craft paint in classic gold, $1.50 for 2 ounces, hobbylobby.com; egg tray: Egg platter, $20, crateandbarrel.com

Alison Gootee

Glitz Up Wooden Eggs

Coat the top half of each egg with a thick layer of white glue, then sprinkle with glitter. Let dry, then apply glue and glitter to each egg's bottom half. Looks cute perched on the front steps in a wicker basket! Eggs: 3 1/4\" and 4 1/4\" wood goose eggs, from $2 each, craftparts.com; glitter: Fine glitter in tourmaline, emerald, yellow barite and turquoise, $5.50 for 1 1/2 ounces, marthastewartcrafts.com

Alison Gootee

Display Jelly Beans

Fill mini milk bottles with these candies, then set them on bunny dessert stands. Sweet! Dessert stands: $49.50 (large), and $14.50 (small), both potterybarn.com; Milk bottles: Farmstand, $30 for a set of 12, shopsweetlulu.com

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