Coastal-Style Gardens and Landscapes

Make your beach vacation last all year: Try these ideas for turning your garden into a "seaside" paradise.

  • Beach Effects Lend Natural Look to Seaside Garden

    Do try this at home, even if you don't live near the sea: Tall, spiky succulents mingle with low-growing plants, such as sea thrift (Armeria maritima) and dark drifts of hen-and-chicks (Sempervivum). Crunchy gravel and wood posts that echo beach groins complete the natural effect.

  • Recreate Coastal Shallow Soil with Gravel Borders

    To mimic the seaside environment, create the illusion of shallow soils and drought conditions, as with a gravel border.

  • Pair these beauties for a perfect marriage of plants in a coastal-style container garden: supple ornamental grasses that move with the faintest breeze and colorful, sun-loving annuals.

  • Play Area Mimics Sandy Beach Play Area for Kids

    Instead of rock off-croppings around your water feature, create your own beach.

  • Coastal Gardens are Affected by Salt Laden Air

    For the most beautiful and least time-consuming garden, coastal gardeners choose a variety of vigorous perennials that can handle sun, heat, wind and salt.

  • Pauls Scarlet Hawthorn Suitable for Exposed Sites

    Hawthornes like 'Paul's Scarlet' are tough trees that can stand up to the sometimes harsh conditions of coastal areas, so you can add to the beachy vibe of your garden with just this plant selection. Hardy to USDA 4

  • Devilishly Beautiful

    Heat-loving, enduring perennials like crocosmia provide effortless color for the summer garden.

  • Colorful Deck Chairs Create Coherent Look

    Colorful deck chairs add to the coastal feeling and provide a casual but comfy place to relax.

  • Colorful Out Buildings Mimic Seaside Beach Huts

    Paint your garden shed in bright colors to mimic beach huts.

  • Art and Sculpture Inspires Abstract Garden Layout

    Sculpture with a coastal theme carries your beachy garden design through the seasons.

  • Well Placed Nautical Accessories Brighten Corner

    Boating, fishing and other nautical elements add delight and interest to a planting bed.

  • Allocate Space for Swing if Space Permits

    Carry the beach theme to the garden swing: Use recycled, hard-wearing rope and driftwood for the seat, and cover the ground beneath with bark chips.

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