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How to Make a Mirror Garland for the Garden

Create a dancing light show in your garden with these pretty DIY mirror garlands.

Tom Russell

A few fishing supplies, small mirrors and adhesive are all you need to create a gorgeous light show in your garden.

You can add as many or as few mirrors as you would like to each strand, though more mirrors mean more sparkle (you gotta love that). There's no right or wrong in this project, so have fun and make it your own.

Materials Needed:

  • small mirrors, assorted shapes and sizes (you'll need about 100 mirrors to create three 4' strands)
  • fishing line
  • scissors
  • crimping pliers
  • tape
  • silicon sealant or epoxy adhesive
  • wire leader connector or crimp sleeves (found in fishing supplies)
  • swivel sinker weights (found in fishing supplies)
  • barrel swivel with interlock swivel (found in fishing supplies)
  • metal or stone jewelry pendant (optional)

Create one strand.

Cut desired length of fishing line for mirror strand, plus four inches for attaching the barrel swivel and sinker weight. I found four feet is a good length to work with, but feel free to choose whatever length you'd like.

Attach barrel swivel and sinker weight to opposite ends of fishing line using wire leader connectors/crimp sleeves. (Design option: Consider using a metal or stone jewelry pendant instead of the sinker weight at the bottom of your mirror strand for an extra touch of sparkle.)

Attach the mirrors.

1. Fully extend length of mirror strand. Secure ends with tape.

2. Place mirrors along the strand in a pleasing arrangement. You will need two of each mirror in the strand.

3. Following your design plan, lay mirror face down under the fishing line (image 1).

4. Following the manufacturer's instructions, apply a moderate amount of adhesive to the back of each mirror, then place the matching mirror on top of the first mirror, sandwiching the strand between the shapes (image 2).

Note: Don't squeeze all of the adhesive out from between the mirrors. A small amount needs to remain to hold the mirrors in place along the strand.

Following the manufacturer's instructions, allow the adhesive to cure.

Suspend your finished garland from a favorite tree branch and enjoy the light show.

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