Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Entryway Garden

Create a good first impression and amazing curb appeal with a welcoming front-door garden.

Entry area with beautiful landscape Photo by Janet Loughrey

Create focal points between the street and the house. Set at an angle, a gravel path with inlaid crushed glass encourages visitors to slow down and enjoy the individual elements in this front-yard garden. A fence with translucent panels keeps the front yard private yet accessible.

The designer, Laura Crockett of Hillsboro, Ore., is known for her penchant for the unusual. She views her garden as an artist's palette, using plants with various colors, texture and shapes, combined with hardscaping, to create inviting vignettes.

Laura substituted a traditional lawn with an eclectic mix of low-growing ornamental grasses, shrubs, succulents and perennial groundcovers. Though flowers are used judiciously, the nearly all-foliage landscape is visually compelling. Containers, metal and stonework complete this dynamic vista.

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