Decorating With Pots: Formal Elegance

Grand topiary shapes, mopheads, pyramids, spirals, and swagged pots create elegant lines and a cool, sophisticated look. Large, shaped plants are expensive, but boxwood can be quickly and cheaply styled into any design you want.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Containers for Patios
  • Boxwood Hedge Frames Private Patio Entrance

    Theatrical Patio

    Boxwood (Buxus) makes an excellent hedge and creates an intimate patio, seperate from the rest of the garden.

  • Ornamental Urn Adds Classical Touch to Balcony

    Baroque-Style Fernery

    An ornamental Italianate container filled with ferns highlights the low-key classical look of any damp, shady corner.

  • Potted Boxwoods Draw Eye Toward Center Statuary

    Classical Influence

    Stately sculptures and an impressive arch create this cleverly structured scene. Reflective, ordered, and elegant.

  • Plantings on Deck are Minimal for Clean Look

    Decked-Out Patio

    The key ingredients of this mannered, set-piece scene are clean, straight lines and the orderly use of trees. The planting is almost minimalist, with the trees along one side of the decking given special prominence.

  • Topiary Mounds Border Gravel and Brick Pathway

    Evergreen Gumdrops

    Evergreen topiary balls and sudden changes in perspective are packed into this small area.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Containers for Patios

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