Decorating With Pots: Clean and Contemporary

The modern look is a byword for sharp angular shapes and minimalism, using architectural plants, especially evergreens, to highlight the style. Geometry is in; overblown romantic gestures and clutter are out.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Containers for Patios
Black Stemmed Bamboo Good Choice for Metal Pot DK - Simple Steps to Success: Containers for Patios © 2007 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Black and Shiny

The tall, black-stemmed bamboo Phyllostachys nigra is an excellent choice for a contemporary container. The new growth is dark green but turns shiny black within one or two seasons. When the stems become congested, repot in a larger container.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Containers for Patios

©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2007

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