Enhance Your Garden with Hardscaping

Footpaths, patios, ponds and pergolas provide the structural framework for your garden. They highlight softer areas of lawn and plantings and tie together your outdoor designs. Here, a few basic ideas to get you started.

Excerpted from Garden Design
Structural Garden Features, Steps and Bench DK - Garden Design © 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Laying Deck

Wooden decking is adaptable and blends with most garden styles. It can be built from hardwood, pressure-treated softwood or naturally durable softwoods. Pretreated decking can be left natural, or you can choose from a huge variety of colored stains or treatments. Whatever you choose to build, or hire someone to build, make sure to check building regulations and planning requirements for large or above-ground structures.

Excerpted from Garden Design

©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2009

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