Add Oomph to Your Edges With Funky Foliage

Foliage gardens captivate onlookers with the sheer volume of planting in their jungle-like borders. Here, we share some ways to incorporate these leafy greens, and add color with variegated foliage and striking, subtropical flowers.

Excerpted from Garden Design
  • Rich Plantings Explode in Exotic Foliage Garden

    Palm and Gravel Mix

    Vertical jets of brilliant red cannas dot between the elegant, fanned leaves of Chusan palms in this informal clearing.

  • Spiky Sword Like Foliage Dominates Garden

    Spiky Combinations

    The instantly recognizable foliage and tall flowers of New Zealand flax dominate this space. Points of agaves and fine-cut leaves of palms echo the spiky leaf shape with different textures.

  • Fleshy Foliage Closes in Creating Secluded Pool

    Cool Pool

    An array of fleshy foliage, potted and planted, gives a swimming pool and sun-filled terrace a feeling of tropical seclusion.

  • Glorious Display of Sunset Spires in Evening Sun

    Sunset Spires

    Sundowner phormium, silver spear and the heads of verbena produce a glorious display of glowing color in the sunset.

Excerpted from Garden Design

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