Just Right: Picking Medium Trees

Not too big and not too small, a medium-sized tree is just right. Pick the best mid-sized stunner for your yard by getting to know some medium trees' characteristics and ideal growing conditions.

Excerpted from Garden Design
Indian Bean Tree Known for Heart Shaped Leaves DK - Garden Design © 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Golden Catalpa

The beautiful, spreading, deciduous golden catalpa is beloved for its large, heart-shaped yellow leaves, clusters of tubular flowers and long bean-like seed pods. It makes a striking feature element when planted alone, but can also fit well in a border. In ideal conditions - full sun and well-drained or moist soil - the golden catalpa grows to 40 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

Excerpted from Garden Design

©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2009

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