Brightening the Winter Landscape

Liven up a drab winter yard with these tips for adding color and interest.

  • Add Fruit

    There are thousands of different kinds of berry-bearing hollies and some of the brightest color splashes come from the deciduous types, like 'Sparkleberry'.

  • Furnish Color

    Where plants won't work, create inanimate color. Paint a piece of lawn furniture, a table or simply just a few rocks you place on the surface of containers. A spring-green chair can keep a patio or porch looking vibrant all winter.

  • Playing Up the Bark

    Select a few specimens with colorful and/or exfoliating bark, like paperbark maple, red-twig dogwood, river birch, crape myrtle, coral bark maple or cherry (shown here). When leaves, flowers and fruits aren't present, a tree or shrub's structure takes center stage.

  • Hardscaping Rules

    In the Zen-like conditions of winter, design elements like the play of light and shadow and the look of a walkway gain importance. Take advantage of the spare nature of the winter landscape by scrutinizing the design of your landscape. RMSer 66nick posted this eye-popping entrance.

  • Plants and Paint

    Pot up a colorful window box or other outdoor containers and place them where they can be viewed from indoors. In areas with moderate winters, plants like heucheras, autumn fern, sedums and pansies keep right on going. In colder areas, use conifers. Tip: To help ensure that your container plants make it through winter, choose plants that are hardy to two zones colder than your climate.

  • Add Artwork

    A heavy layer of snow enhances this stunning garden sculpture. Posted by RMSer JackL

  • ... and More Artwork

    In RMSer Lark's yard, this aerial piece lifts the focus to the sky and makes the wait for spring a little easier.

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