Growing Something Gorgeous: Plants That Pop in Design

No garden design is complete without gorgeous plants. You can use plants to provide shelter, structure or scent close to a seating area. Your ideas and inspirations inject the all-important artistic input.

Excerpted from Garden Design
  • Choose Range of Plants with Different Leaf Sizes

    Balanced Forms

    Choose a range of marginals with different leaf shapes, such as these irises and astilbes, for a balanced poolside display.

  • Drought Tolerant Succulents in Naturalistic Beds

    Habitat Match

    In this naturalistic planting, drought-tolerant succulents and alpines, which require free-draining conditions, are planted in a bed of gravel and pebbles.

  • Consider the Seasons When Planting Under a Tree

    Consider the Seasons

    Make the most of the available light and moist ground in late winter and spring when planting under deciduous trees.

  • Alliums Make Cheerful Appearance in Early Spring

    Fill the Gaps

    Bulbs provide seasonal color and can be squeezed between permanent plantings. Spring bulbs will perk up your border before most perennials appear; allium bulbs in early summer are followed by colorful gladiolas and nerines.

  • Foliage has Long Term Impact on Garden Border

    Year-Round Interest

    Flower color is often a transient feature, but foliage has long-term impact throughout different seasons.

  • Plant Winter Flowers to Be Seen from Path or House

    Winter Color

    Winter flowers are a treat, so make sure you can see them from a path or the house. Several witch-hazels have the bonus of scent.

  • Shelter Scented Plants from Strong Winds in Winter

    Scented Plants

    Scented plants are best planted and enjoyed in warm sheltered areas of the garden where strong winds won't dissipate their perfume.

Excerpted from Garden Design

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