Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Picking Materials for Boundaries

Walls, screens and fences don't just identify where your yard stops and someone else's begins. As much space as they occupy, they should also be major design features. We help you choose materials for maxiumum border appeal.

Excerpted from Garden Design
Garden Brick Wall Fountain DK - Garden Design © 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Walls and Solid Screens

Brick, stone or rendered walls enclose spaces and form a framework around the garden. When planning for a solid screen, consider the size and shape of units, which can range from random rubble to expensive stone blocks. Also think about how the color of stone or brick walls, which stands up all on its own, will fit with your larger vision. Man-made materials, such as concrete, offer almost endless possibilities in color and shape, providing clean lines or fluid structures. But you don't have to forfeit movement entirely if you go with brick or stone, demonstrated here by an in-wall water feature.

Constructing solid screens requires a significant budget and expert skills, especially with regard to structural soundness, so think twice before embarking on a wall project casually.

Excerpted from Garden Design

©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2009

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