Sampling Styles: Different Gardens on Display

Garden design is as wide ranging as the sites where it occurs, and adaptable to different sites and climates. Here are some examples from a diverse array of styles to inspire you to think about your own garden.

Excerpted from Garden Design
  • Prairie Planting

    The Power of Plants

    Prairie-style planting is a dramatic way to create naturalistic swathes of color over a large area.

  • Open Backyard

    Space to Play

    The open space and minimal planting in this garden offer the flexibility to accommodate many uses.

  • Eclectic Wooden Outdoor Space

    Eclectic Influences

    Combining different design elements can create a space that equals more than the sum of its parts.

  • Modern Garden with Contemporary Materials

    Minimalism Updated

    Modern materials, strong lines and understated planting give this design a bold, contemporary edge.

  • Mediterranean Pergola

    Softening a Hard Edge

    Flowering plants trained across a pergola and a wall of packed rough rocks soften the hard feel of stark white supports.

  • Contrasting Foliage Plants

    Leafy Mix

    Plants with colorful and attractively shaped leaves lend a lush, exotic look to contemporary designs.

  • Copious Cottage Garden

    Cottage Dream

    Generously filled borders and a haphazard approach to planting are typical of the cottage garden style.

  • Small Garden Ponds Provide Wildlife Habitat

    Wildlife Habitats

    Even small garden ponds and boggy areas provide an excellent habitat for a wide range of wildlife.

  • Outdoor Garden Sitting Area

    Urban Living

    Ever-decreasing outdoor space is forcing gardeners and designers to develop creative new solutions. An outdoor living room helps you maximize your garden space for dual use.

  • Parterre Planted with Geometric Box Hedging

    Formal Rules

    A parterre, or formal planting bed, surrounded by box hedging illustrates the symmetry and geometry of the formal garden style.

  • Modern Figure Sculpture in Garden Design

    Sculptural Surprises

    Modern garden designers are constantly pushing the boundaries to create and develop new styles and new uses, like an outdoor spot for practicing yoga.

  • Vegetables and Herb Fusion Garden

    Productive Patch

    Attractive vegetables and herbs integrate easily into most garden styles, even where space is limited.

Excerpted from Garden Design

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