Drawing Inspiration From Vacation: A Coastal-Themed Garden

Many successful designers find inspiration beyond the garden. Theme gardens, like this coastal one, help show off your unique vision.

Excerpted from Garden Design
  • Well Placed Nautical Accessories Brighten Corner

    Coastal Accessories

    Evoke a seaside theme by including a few small nautical accessories that will blend in with your planting plan. Limit the number to achieve a clean design and avoid a messy, cliched look.

  • Recreate Coastal Shallow Soil with Gravel Borders

    Seaside Planting Sources

    Recreate coastal shallow soils and drought conditions - for example, with gravel borders - to mimic plants' native environments.

  • Beach Effects Lend Natural Look to Seaside Garden

    Beach Effects

    Tall, spiky agaves mingle with low-growing sea thrifts and dark drifts of houseleeks. Crunchy gravel and a wooden deck complete the natural effect.

  • Colorful Deck Chairs Create Coherent Look

    Seaside Furniture and Vacation Keepsakes

    Choose outdoor furniture that picks up on a color or texture from elsewhere in the garden, and incorporate authentic items brought home from your vacation. But decorate sparsely enough to preserve spots for entertaining and relaxating.

  • Colorful Out Buildings Mimic Seaside Beach Huts

    Garden Storage

    Paint outdoor storage in bright colors that mimic beach huts, ice cream and other beachside staples. Use them to hide garden tools and and lawn care equipment.

  • Play Area Mimics Sandy Beach Play Area for Kids

    Play Areas for Kids

    An area with sand and water can continue your seaside theme and give your children a special place to play. Parents of young kids may prefer to install just a sand box, to avoide the potential danger of open water. Or, if sand's too messy, substitute small pebbles to make your \"beach\".

  • Allocate Space for Swing if Space Permits

    Swinging Idea

    Invite your innner child to your coastal oasis: Make a hand-made swing! Use recycled, hardwearing rope and driftwood for the seat, and install it over bark chips.

Excerpted from Garden Design

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