Putting Planters to Work in the Landscape

They're more than just decorative: Container gardens can become landscape assets. Find out what planters can do for your outdoor spaces.

  • slate and bamboo create peaceful retreat

    Define the Space

    In this design by Paula Henson, planters form a perimeter around an outdoor gathering spot.

  • Flower and Spiky Grass Garden Pot

    Decorate the Entryway

    Dramatic container gardens flank a front door, turning the entry into a focal point. Posted by RMSer automedon

  • Umbrella Seating with Wall Gardens

    Garden on the Wall

    This patio gains Mediterranean flair with a beautiful arrangement of planters and trellis. Posted by RMSer Phillyguy

  • Greek Goddess Planter

    Softening a Hardscape

    The perfect adornment for this garden wall sculpture: the airy look of asparagus fern and wire vine. Posted by RMSer kmphelps

  • Colorful Cacophony

    All-Out Arbor

    In this amazing container garden, coleus, begonias, lantana, Superbells and more provide an explosion of overhead color. Posted by RMSer kmphelps

  • Charming Planter Bed and Patio

    Have a Seat

    Raised beds are container gardens too, and in RMSer volleyken's garden, the retaining wall for the raised bed adds to available seating.

  • Colorful Window Boxes and Front Yard

    Facelift for the House

    Well-planted window boxes can add serious curb appeal to the house, as in this exuberant example by RMSer kmphelps.

  • Garden Planter Heads

    Conversation Piece

    A collection of personality-plus planters welcomes visitors to RMSer KatG's garden.

  • Patio Container Garden

    Greening the Scene

    Potted plants help turn a small space into a lush oasis. Posted by smp71lover

  • Kitchen Garden

    Want to grow fresh produce close to the house for easy picking? The usual patio plants such as cherry tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and spinach are naturals for containers, of course, but so is this golden zucchini, ripening to perfection in a sunny spot.

  • Bench Overlooking Serene Pond

    Changeable Color for the Landscape

    These planters add pops of color on both sides of the pond. Posted by RMSer gardenqueen5

  • french doors open to tropical backyard setting

    Frame the View

    Planters filled with color bring the outdoors close and help create a pretty picture from indoor living spaces. Design by Robert Hursthouse

  • Easy Way to Add Water

    Containers offer the choice of a soothing water feature without having to lay water lines.

  • Beautiful Wheelbarrow Container Garden with Flowers

    Strut Your Stuff

    Container gardening gives you the chance to create over-the-top displays — even when the plants in the ground aren't doing as well. Using good-quality potting soil, regularly feeding and watering will bring out the best in the plants.

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