What Do You Want From Your Landscape?

Your landscape is an extension of your home and a place for you to enjoy life to the fullest. When thinking about what to do with your yard, consider how you want to use the space and how much time you have to give your gardening projects.

Excerpted from Garden Design
  • Constant Changes Thrill Enthusiastic Gardener

    Enjoy the Plants and Wildlife

    Do you enjoy digging, planting, and watching your plants grow and change throughout the seasons? Consider adding plants attractive to birds, bees and butterflies to see your borders spring to life!

  • Garden Designs Become Extensions of the Home

    Entertain and Have Fun

    Gardens can be \"outdoor rooms,\" extensions of the house for entertaining, socializing and offering children space to play. Ensure continuity with stylish furniture, screens, painted walls, canopies and planters.

  • Water Helps Create Place to Relax and Unwind

    Refreshing Space

    Evoke a feeling of energy, growth and rejuvenation by pairing a sunny water feature with natural plantings. Soft colors and a wide variety of materials enhance the mood.

  • Private Space Enhanced by Herbal Garden Design

    Restoring Health

    Give yourself the gift of a relaxed, restorative garden filled with culinary, therapeutic and medicinal plants, such as herbs and fruit trees.

  • Create Calm and Peaceful Mood in Garden

    Contemplative Moods

    Create calm and a peaceful mood by using cool colors, simple flowing shapes, delicate scents and a limited number of materials and plants. Simple focal elements, waterfalls and carefully chosen lighting enhance these uncluttered spaces.

  • Seasonal Gardens Offer Change Throughout Year

    Grow Your Favorite Flowers

    Seasonal extravaganzas that show off your favorite flowers can be rewarding, but they also require a lot of work and continuous involvement. Try to establish a clear overall concept in terms of color, texture and structure.

  • Bold Plants Help Create Lush Subtropical Retreat

    A Tropical Retreat

    Bold-leaved plants create a lush, enclosed garden with an exotic subtropical feel. Choose plants that won't get too big, and that are suited to your site's soil and climate.

  • Create Space to Reflect with Garden Sanctuary

    Make a Sanctuary

    A tranquil setting provides a comfortable space for retreat from modern-day life. Achieve this look by choosing simple shapes and lines, subtle lighting, limited planting and a coherent layout.

  • Restrict Materials for Less Cluttered Look

    Cut Out the Clutter

    Restrict yourself to no more than three complementary materials and a muted color palette, but combine them for interest and beauty. A large, dramatic water feature or sculpture adds a dynamic quality to a pared-down design.

  • Practical Garden Require Only Interval Maintenance

    Decide How Much Maintenance You Want to Do

    Many shrubs, climbers and perennials require attention at intervals. Seasonal pruning may be required in spring and fall, garden beds need weeding and feeding and flowering plants, such as roses, should be deadheaded regularly. Choosing low-maintenance plants, especially those suited to your location, can greatly reduce maintenance requirements.

  • Consider Garden Maintenance when Designing Space

    High-Maintenance Garden

    Most small yards won't need attention more than two or three times a week, although a yard filled with lots of pots will require daily watering in hot, dry spells. Generally, larger gardens with lawns, mixed borders, a diverse range of plants and productive growing areas will take up more time.

  • Weekend Gardener Performs Maintenance Once a Week

    The Weekend Gardener

    Weekend gardening is ideal for the hobbyist who has limited free time. Lawns require weekly mowing and edge-trimming in summer, and weeds need to be kept in check throughout the garden.

Excerpted from Garden Design

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