Simply Charming Container Water Features

With a little creativity, containers of all types can be used to make memorable water features for the garden.

Steel Trough Water Fountain

In this design by Katrina Leonidov Fairchild, a galvanized steel trough becomes a water feature that's in tune with the Texas-style landscape.

Iron Pump Koi Pond

RMSer On-the-east-twin created this one-of-a-kind fountain out of a cast-iron cauldron, scalding pot and hand pump, then put ceramic fish in it.

Blue Container Water Garden

Beautiful pottery and a lifelike frog turn a simple idea into a conversation-starting indoor water garden.

Plant Roots in Vase

The maze of fine white roots are part of the appeal of this Zen-like display.

Lily Pond with Flowers and Ornamental Grasses

A few water lilies provide serene beauty as well as help moderate the water temperature in this lovely above-ground pond.

Exotic Potted Plants

For gardeners who are fearful of planting the weedy scouring rush (Equisetum), the perfect place is in a pot.

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