Recycled Hardscaping

Repurposed materials and found objects helped create these stylish outdoor spaces.

  • Plan B: Potting Station

    This nifty conversion of a redwood picnic table and benches resulted in an attractive potting bench. Fence boards form the back and sides. Posted by RMSer McVaris

  • Trash to Treasure

    RMSer Dezignr reclaimed an outdoor bamboo rug from his neighbor's trash pile and put the finishing touch on this very inviting outdoor room.

  • Window Wall

    Using frames she made or got for free, RMSer lizzypitts created a colorful landscape screen that will serve as a support for climbing vines. She spent $60 on primer, paint, chain and hardware supplies.

  • LaMonte outdoor playhouse

    Repurposed Playhouse

    This utilitarian garden shed came by its whimsical look honestly: It used to be a playhouse. The conversion occurred after the child left for college. Designed by Robin LaMonte

  • renovation results in backyard paradise

    New Life for Concrete Slab

    This inviting outdoor space was created from the remnants of an old carport. The existing concrete slab was sliced into strips, then stacked to form a corner bench and raised koi pond. Planting beds fill the holes in the new hardscape. Designed by Stephanie Bartron

  • Garden Shed

    Solid Storage

    RMSer moose13 built this handsome lean-to shed from recycled lumber.

  • Backyard Watering Spot

    An old shed is now a comfy and inviting outdoor bar in RMSer Laux Rider's yard.

  • A Well-Lit Sitting Room

    An old greenhouse is now a beautiful outdoor retreat, thanks to a considerable amount of sweat equity spent replacing rotted wood, putting in a recycled-wood floor and cleaning the extensive amount of glass. \"Each pane was cleaned three times — 350 panes,\" says RMSer yvettemaui.

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