Adding Fun and Personality to the Landscape

Creating an outdoor space that's right for you may not only be about choosing the right hardscaping, trees, shrubs and perennials. See how our readers put a personal stamp on their gardens.

  • Truck Garden Water Feature

    Truck Garden

    The focal point of this water feature is a 1949 Studebaker truck, which lends its bed for plants and its tailgate for a waterfall. Posted by RMSer redavanti.

  • Iron Pump Koi Pond

    Safe From Predators

    The raccoons and great blue herons in RMSer On-the-east-twin's garden get a surprise with this water feature: The fish are fake.

  • Garden Planter Heads

    Personality Plus

    RMSer KatG's \"cranium family\" poses in her garden.

  • Tops in Topiary

    Gardener and artist Pearl Fryar takes pruning to an art form that dazzles visitors to his yard. Animals, abstract forms and even brains serve as inspiration for his sculptures.

  • Inquisitive Piglets

    Life on the Farm

    In cottage and country garden settings, simple farm animal figures, such as these inquisitive-looking piglets, add humor to the informal setting.

  • Garden Variety T-Rex

    Dinosaurs in the Garden

    A sheet-metal T-Rex reigns in this garden, posted by RMSer bloodparrot.

  • Brontosaurus Brick Wall

    Haute Cuisine

    Meanwhile, these herbivores appear to be lunching on the canopy. Posted by RMSer bloodparrot.

  • Garden Dwelling Stegosaurus

    Just Grazing

    This dinosaur sticks with ground-level vegetation. Posted by RMSer bloodparrot.

  • Dinosaur Garden

    \"I Don't Think Anybody Can See Us\"

    Some of the dinosaurs in the garden try to be subtle. Posted by RMSer bloodparrot.

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