Our Favorite Garden Ponds From Rate My Space

Browse some of the beautiful water features that create a serene retreat in HGTV fans' own backyards.

Truck Garden Water Feature

A small pond and a little beach create a destination spot in which to relax and kick back. The focal point of this unusual water feature is a 1949 Studebaker truck, which lends its bed for plants and its tailgate for a waterfall. Posted by redavanti

Foliage Surrounding Man-Made Pond

The flat expanse of lawn where RMSer rafi2801 installed a 18' x 12' pond now appears to be a relaxing spot to while away a summer afternoon.

Koi Swim Beneath Water Lilies

This beautiful koi pond is RMSer LuvTennis's favorite place to hang out. Sculpture and art pieces from China add other focal points to the garden.

Bench Overlooking Serene Pond

Don't have a view? Create one! This garden bench affords a peaceful place to relax amid perennials, roses and container gardens. Posted by gardenqueen5

Waterfall Terraced Pond

This attractive pond is housed inside a retaining wall on a sloped backyard. From all appearances, the family dog thinks the first waterfall level is the perfect spot to cool off. Posted by pam25

Patio with Lounge Space Overlooking Large Pond

A natural depression by the treeline was the perfect place to locate a large pond in this backyard. Several trips to Disney World inspired the design of the water feature, which serves as the backdrop for the patio. Posted by theofiles

Bridge over Peaceful Water Photo by Tdnuss

We love this view: a bridge crosses two connecting ponds, accented by waterfalls and surrounded by blooming perennials and annuals. Posted by Tdnuss.

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