Best of Designers' Portfolio: Outdoor Rooms

It wasn't easy, but we've chosen our top outdoor spaces. Take a look, and get inspired to create your own open-air retreat.

  • Outdoor Tiled Hot Tub

    This beautiful, contemporary spa and matching fountain features fire, creating a stunning combination with an Asian flair. Quite an alluring illusion. Design by Mitch Kalamian.

  • beautifully landscaped hillside and terrace

    This outdoor room, which was formerly unusable land, incorporates a path carved into the side of a hill. It's a quiet area where you can enjoy the sounds of nature while watching birds splash in their bath. Design by Patricia Thernell.

  • backyard offers relaxation trio

    A raised spa with a negative edge anchors a rectangular pool, while cascading steps draw the eye to a fire pit that pours water into the spa. Shale ledge stone on the columns create an old fashioned, substantial feel. Design by Mitch Kalamian.

  • tuscany inspired backyard pool

    This beautiful pool and spa are surrounded by lush greenery, which acts as a privacy barrier in the backyard. Design by Scott Cohen.

  • waterwheel feature adds interest to backyard pond

    The creaking of an old-fashioned water wheel transports seated guests to a bygone era. Design by Dan Berger.

  • Renewable Redwood Pergola

    A pergola constructed of renewable redwood lumber provides the perfect oasis for this backyard. The space also features a freestanding outdoor shower, gas fire pit and fountain. Design by Christopher J. Grubb. Photography by Scott Mayoral.

  • landscaped courtyard with waterfall

    This garden takes advantage of the natural landscape of Yachats, Ore., combining it with the simplicity and tranquility of Asian garden design to create a living courtyard. Design by David Hertz. Photo by David Papazian.

  • french doors open to tropical backyard setting

    Recognizing the importance of connection between home and garden, the picture window was removed and replaced with French doors that open up the view to the water garden and lush tropical plantings. Design by Robert Hursthouse.

  • outdoor pavillion with wrought iron dome

    A handmade, wrought-iron dome creates interesting shadows and the perfect place to enjoy a mountain view. Design by Scott Cohen.

  • wisteria covered pergola

    A wisteria-covered pergola provides shade to a patio detached from the main house. Design by Scott Cohen.

  • Antique Bed With Colombian Textiles

    This incredible transitional room is between the lush surroundings of the property and the sophisticated interiors. The furnishings are simple 19th-century beds dressed with traditional Colombian textiles. The windows and doors are reclaimed antique pieces salvaged from old buildings. Design by Luis Caicedo.

  • ultimate backyard living pavillion

    This ramada is all about style and comfort. The warm colors of the furniture tie in with the warm tones of the stone and copper doors. Curtains can be closed to block out the hot summer sun. A fireplace adds not only drama, but also makes the area very inviting during the cooler winter months. Design by Morgan Holt. Photograph by Rick Brazil.

  • brick wall surrounds courtyard

    Beyond this richly-stained outdoor gate is a courtyard patio, featuring a tranquil Japanese garden with waterfall. Design by Evan Blewett.

  • Wood Framed Clerestory in Outdoor Living Room

    Wood details in this banquette bring warmth to the stucco in this outdoor space. They are topped with seat cushions made of durable outdoor fabric. Design by Christopher J. Grubb. Photography by Scott Mayoral.

  • Outdoor Room with Glass Walls

    The telescoping pocket door that disappears into the wall provides a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. When entertaining bring out some indoor furniture and plants, even some lamps, to give it a cozy feel. Design by Amy Bubier.

  • multi level decks with lattice

    In this steep hill garden, the designer broke the space up into a lawn area and a deck that overlooks a lower play area. Design by Pat Wagner.

  • outdoor dining enhanced by glass walls

    Sheltered from wind yet open to the garden, this semi-enclosed space offers protection for outdoor diners. Design by Dan Berger.

  • soothing mediterranean styled fountain

    Existing columns from the house’s exterior — originally destined for demolition — were repurposed to create this French-themed fountain. A dark stone backdrop completes the classic look. Design by Mitch Kalamian.

  • courtyard includes lovely garden walk and bench

    This relaxing courtyard features a jacaranda tree that provides light, cooling shade over the bench area. Design by Paula Henson.

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