Simply Elegant Solutions for a Small Scape

The goal was to create an English-garden landscape that tied in with the house, plus give the yard a spacious feel. Landscape architect Barry Block met the challenge.

  • Before: For their newly constructed home on Long Island, the homeowners wanted a landscape that would provide a visual extension of the indoors.
  • After: A welcoming landscape complements the home. Ornamental grasses and pastel hydrangeas help soften the home's lines.
  • Block's solution for the backyard was to create an elegant but divinely simple design that magnifies the open space and contains a minimum of clutter.
  • Hydrangeas help tie the front-, side- and backyards together.
  • Mimicking the home's architecture, the pool house acts as both a storage shed and changing room.
  • A lovely patio/porch offers plenty of room for relaxing and entertaining.

    — Images courtesy of Barry Block © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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