Want More Curb Appeal?

If your home could use a facelift, pick up a few ideas from these awesome transformations.

  • This 80-year-old Tudor has seen better days. The roof needs to be replaced, the facade and landscaping are lacking (to say the least) and one prominent window just doesn't fit.
  • The addition of a slate roof and a fresh coat of paint make a stunning difference in this Curb Appeal makeover. New landscaping includes improved lighting, a tile walkway and colorful plants. An old square window that was improperly fitted into a rounded hole is replaced.
  • With cracked stucco, rotting wood, an uninteresting paint treatment and a tangle of vines overwhelming the facade, it's no wonder this Victorian was dubbed "the scary house on the block."
  • The homeowners were skeptical, but they chose to update their home's boring blue-gray facade with a bold color palette: yellow accented with red. A black wrought-iron fence, new porch, Victorian moldings and custom stained-glass windows are added to help bring this Victorian back to life.
  • This 1930s Dutch Colonial is going through a transformation on the inside but needs some attention on the outside as well. Its brick exterior is flat and generic and offers no shelter over the front door. The home lacks color, and the sunroom addition seems like an afterthought.
  • What a difference a new portico makes! Beautiful stonework leads to the front door updated with a stunning glass insert. Stately columns rise to the roof, which pops with burgundy — an ideal accent for the new, creamy brick color.
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