Dream Landscape 2009

HGTV's Dream Home 2009 is a beautiful Victorian-style farmhouse in the Sonoma Valley, and its landscape is the perfect complement.

Exotic Plant

A palm tree was a late addition to the Dream Home landscape.

It's a very typical Victorian element, Linda says. "Almost inevitably if you drive by an old Victorian house here, you'll see palms outside. There was so much excitement [in the Victorian era] with the whole idea of exotic plants. And palm trees were considered an exotic plant. Most people who came out here had never seen a palm tree. So the idea of having one just became very popular. Even in England during the Victorian times, palms were very, very popular. If you look at pictures of old Victorian living rooms, you'll often see palm trees in pots."

The plants in the front yard were chosen for their ability to thrive in the shade of the large oaks in front. Rhododendron, daphne (a spring-blooming variety), hydrangeas, breath of heaven and Japanese anemone all prefer shade.

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