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Building a Golf Putting Green

Create a backyard putting green. Follow these step-by-step instructions from Don't Sweat It host Steve Watson.


12' pressure-treated 4x4s
12' pressure-treated 2x4s
1-1/2 tons stone dust
silica sand
putting carpet
pea gravel
landscape spikes
landscape fabric

Before: Unused Swing


digging tools
cordless drill and bits
3 lb. sledge hammer
golf hole cutter
plate compactor (rental)
water drum roller (rental)


1. Select a location with relatively flat terrain. Use the pressure-treated timbers to create a border for the putting green. Use string-line (or twine and stakes) and level to place the timbers.

2. Roll out landscape fabric to prevent weeds and secure with landscape spikes.

3. Fill a two-inch layer of stone dust in the entire box.

4. Compact first layer using the plate compacter. Apply another two-inch layer and compact. Add more stone dust as desired to create contours.

5. Lay down putting carpet and cut to desired shape.

6. Using a broom, spread silica sand over the surface to hold the carpet down.

7. Roll over the entire area with water roller to smooth out any bumpy spots.

8. Spread pea gravel to cover the area between the edge of green and timbers.

9. Use golf hole cutter where desired.

10. Drop cups and flags into holes.

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