Before and After: Modern Minimalist Backyard Makeover

Host Matt James transforms a concrete pad into Zen-like paradise.

Solitary Confinement

Caliopie Georgiadis recently brought her dream home in Brooklyn, but there is just one nightmare left lurking out back. Her concrete box of a backyard resembles more state penitentiary than cool and contemporary city escape. Host Matt James turns the blank concrete canvas into a Zen-like paradise.

After moving from the hub of Manhattan to a more chilled-out Brooklyn, city girl Caliopie is longing for somewhere to relax or party with friends. Although she wants a minimalist yard, the current concrete box that is her yard has been referred to by friends as a prison exercise yard!

Matt's challenge is to come up with a design that softens the harsh space and is manageable for this first-time gardener. His plan is to use the concrete as a subbase for a stylish cedar deck and keep the planting simple with bamboo and easy-maintenance perennials.

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    • Deck materials from Riverhead Building Supplies
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