HGTV Green Home 2012: GMC Pictures

The all-new 2012 GMC® Terrain® boasts all the comfort, technology, quietness and superior fit and finish of a luxury sedan.

The GMC Terrain's performance goes beyond torque and horsepower. This crossover uses the latest technologies to maximize fuel efficiency, give you the power when you need it and help keep you in control no matter what the road conditions.

It starts with the bold grille and refined details that convey tailored toughness and passionate craftsmanship

Every Terrain model has standard aluminum wheels to reduce weight and enhance fuel economy.

The 2012 GMC Terrain offers unexpected interior flexibility, an EPA-estimated 32 MPG highway and innovative infotainment technology in a confident, stylish small SUV.

Terrain is a true crossover inside and out. It has the capability and cargo space you’d expect from an SUV but the comfort, technology, quietness, and superior fit and finish you might expect to find in a luxury sedan.

This crossover SUV is not just capable on the inside. It's also warm, inviting and comfortable.

Terrain's easy-to-use MultiFlex rear seat system maximizes the comfort and utility of this small SUV.

Acoustics isn't just about what you hear. In this crossover, it's also about what you don't. These features all aid in Terrain's remarkably quiet ride.

The GMC Terrain's simple, intuitive 7-inch color touch-screen is your command center for all entertainment, information and navigation options.

The Terrain is the crossover that stands apart in a crowded small SUV market. And it starts with its unapologetic design. When most crossovers look like cars on big wheels the Terrain's chiseled features embrace its truck roots.

The GMC Terrain's ultrasonic rear park assist enhanced system senses objects behind you when you're driving in reverse. It is engineered to detect smaller objects up to 8 feet away; the closer you get, the faster the tone sounds.

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