HGTV Green Home 2012: Living Room Courtyard Pictures

An extension of the living room, the courtyard offers an elegant outdoor escape.

  • The permeable courtyard surface, paved in crushed granite and a locally sourced specialty slate mix, allows rainwater to seep to the home's subsurface drainage system.

  • Club chairs and a sofa, fashioned from recycled plastic lumber, are topped with marine-grade, Sunbrella-upholstered cushions.

  • Pliable, antifungal and antibacterial cube tables, crafted by Georgia artist Dwayne Bass, are fashioned from shredded rubber, then colorized with organically mined dyes.

  • A hedgerow of gardenias offers a natural fence of privacy as well as beautiful blooms, foliage and fragrance.

  • Overlooking the courtyard, the detached garage, designed to resemble an old farmstead wagon shed, connects to the courtyard via an illuminated staircase.

  • Container gardens, planted with camellias, ivy and pansies, and set at the courtyard's four corners, provide color and fragrance during the spring and summer months.

  • A wall of energy efficient glass connects the eco-chic living room to the gravel courtyard, visually expanding the home's square footage

  • The courtyard's simple gray and white color palette was selected to continue the main floor's focus on neutral, understated furnishings.

  • Located on the home's north side, a river slick-lined bioswale directs rainwater away from the home and into a front yard rain garden.

  • The staircase landing provides a bird's eye perch from which to view the courtyard, living room and architectural details inspired by the Southern vernacular farmhouse.

  • A staircase, complete with dimmable LED riser lights, leads from the courtyard to the detached garage and an alley that runs behind the home.

  • Protected by a layer of pine-needle mulch, the embankment is softened by sweetbay magnolia, which will offer fragrance and shade, as well as black myrtles, English laurels, serviceberry trees and yaupon hollies.

  • Speakers, installed at key outdoor locations, will pipe music into the space. The home is wired, both inside and out, for a future sound system.

  • Locally sourced flagstone steps lead from the living room to the courtyard and also comprise the backyard walkway.

  • Along with downcast lighting along the courtyard's foundation and riser lights beneath each step, the glow from the interior spaces illuminates this outdoor retreat.

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