HGTV Green Home 2012: Floor Plan

HGTV Green Home 2012, located in the picturesque community of Serenbe, is designed to resemble an early Georgia farmhouse and boasts modern amenities and eco-friendly features that allow homeowners to "live big" in a compact space.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Front Rendering

Farmhouse With a Modern Twist

Southeastern culture and regional architecture have inspired the floor plan for HGTV Green Home 2012, a 2,300-square-foot three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath family farmhouse, designed by Kemp Hall Studio.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Main Floor Plan Rendering

Main Floor

Rooms on the first floor surround a central courtyard. The kitchen opens up to this space, expanding the potential for open-air entertaining.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Terrace Floor Plan Rendering

Terrace Floor

The entry leads up a stairwell/light tower to the main level. Storage space for sports equipment and home systems are located on this floor.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Upper Floor Plan Rendering

Upper Floor

Bedrooms and craft space on the top floor accommodate guests and homeowners.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Front Elevation Drawing

Front Elevation

The home is built upon a stone foundation, designed to resemble the \"ruins\" of an old farmhouse.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Left Elevation Rendering

Left Elevation

Glass walls and windows capitalize on views and allow light to stream into spaces. The home's cupola provides an additional source of light and opens to exhaust hot air.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Right Elevation Rendering

Right Elevation

Fiber-cement siding, mitered at corners, clads the farmhouse exterior.

HGTV Green Home 2012 Rear Elevation Rendering

Rear Elevation

Glass walls open to the backyard. A walkway leads to the home's carport.

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