Designers from Previous Seasons Return for a Second Chance at Stardom

Episode HDSAS-101H

Designers from Previous Seasons Return for a Second Chance at Stardom

Six of the most memorable designers from seasons past come to Los Angeles to take part in the first-ever Design Star All Stars competition. At stake: a $25,000 cash prize and a special appearance on an HGTV show. Arriving at the world-famous Pacific Design Center, they are met by host David Bromstad, the very first Design Star winner. For their first All Stars challenge, they must each design a room that completely represents their design perspective. And they will have at their disposal all the magnificent showrooms of the PDC, so unlike on Design Star, there is virtually no limit to their resources. Each of the designers has something to prove and a desire to be vindicated for having been eliminated the first time around. So passions and creativity run high, as the designers race to complete their rooms in less than two days. When time is called, the designs are evaluated by Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder, and special guest, designer and star of CSI: Miami, Emily Procter. The Design Panel chooses a winner for this week's challenge, and one designer is faced with being eliminated from the competition for a second time.

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