A home with character on the Big Island

Episode HHALF-305H

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  • October 12, 2014

    3:00 PM e/p

Living an active lifestyle is somewhat of an understatement for partners John and Jason. John is a triathlete and Jason is an avid surfer. When John and Jason met four years ago, they both already had a connection to Hawaii and could've only dreamed of one day living and working on the island that they both loved. Recently they decided that their lives had reached a point where they could make a full-time move to Hawaii and the Big Island fit all their wants and needs. John, who is a physician was recently offered a job on the Big Island, and Jason, who is an artist, can work from anywhere and hopes to open an art gallery on the Big Island. With their careers in place, John and Jason are looking for a home with outdoor space and character and are ready to make the transition into living a life full of sunshine and surf on an island that has everything their hearts desire.