Empty Room Becomes Dining Room and Pool Hall Combo

Episode HHEDS-503H

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Stunt performers Nick and Helena want to turn their dining room into a combination formal dining area and pool hall, where they can have a good time with friends. After Host Steve Hanneman lays out the plan to give the couple Hammer Head's first-ever dining room-game room combo, Carpenters Carmen de la Paz and Marcus Hunt rip out the old carpet and lay down some beautiful bamboo flooring. Along with some one-of-a-kind wainscot treatments, strategically hidden L.E.D. mood lighting, and a dining table that doubles as a pool table, the team builds a convertible built-in shelf with formal glass ware on one side, and pool cues on the other. After just a few days, this dated green dining room becomes a stylish hang out that transforms into a party zone.