HGTV Green Home 2012: Headboard Project

Re-create HGTV Green Home's master bedroom headboard for your own queen-size bed! Twenty-five 12-inch upholstered squares are set in five rows of five to create the unique, eco-friendly design.

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Assemble the Headboard

Lay out five upholstered squares, face down, edge to edge. Below the first row, lay out a second row of five upholstered squares, face down, edge to edge. Be sure squares are properly aligned and no gaps exist between rows. Place a 1" x 4" board on top of the "seam" between the two headboard segments. Center the board so you have approximately 3 inches on each edge of the board.

Using the power drill with the 1/8" drill bit, place pilot holes in the 1" x 4" board. These pilot holes (one per square) will be positioned about 1 inch from the edge of each square and centered along that edge. Using the power drill and the Phillips head bit, screw a 1-5/8" screw into each pilot hole along the top row of squares, ensuring that the squares are pushed tightly together. (This step is more easily executed with two people.) Repeat the above process with the second row of pilot holes, ensuring that this row is snug. Check to ensure that the two rows line up correctly. Note: Do not overtighten the screws, as this may cause the headboard to "bow" as each row is affixed. If bowing occurs, loosen screws slightly. Repeat the above process for the remaining rows of upholstered squares.

Attach Headboard to Wall

Following the instructions on the French cleat packaging, center and mount one bracket of the cleat to the 1" x 4" board at the top of the headboard. (This board connects the top row of squares to the second row of squares on the headboard.) Measure the distance from the bottom of the headboard to the cleat on the back of the headboard. (In our example, the measurement is approximately 4 feet.) Note this distance. Measuring from the surface of the mattress, make a light pencil mark on the wall approximately 4 feet above the mattress. This pencil mark designates the height of the second bracket of the French cleat.

Center and mount the second bracket at the pencil mark. Many French cleats include a level that fits into a groove on the brackets. Using the enclosed level ensures that the brackets and, consequently, the headboard are mounted correctly. In the event that a level is not included, a standard level may be used. Check to ensure that the headboard is aligned and level. If modifications are needed, adjust the cleat on the back of the headboard rather than the cleat on the wall to correct any issues.

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