Looking for a Larger Home Leads to a Tough Choice

Episode HGBBY-206

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Jose and Martha Reyes' search for a larger home for their family has led them to two houses. One is in a residential area in southern California, and the other is in an area that's mixed with residences and businesses. Then, in Portland, Oregon, Tim and Sarah O'Reilly hope to find a home with more space to accommodate Sarah's mother moving in. They can't decide between a home with an open layout or a more traditional style home. Realtors and home inspectors look at these homes and provide their expertise to these prospective buyers on which of the homes is the better buy for them.


    • Daryn Smith
      Real Estate Agent
      Keller Williams -- The Hoffman Murphy Team
      Website: hoffmanmurphy.yourkwagent.com
    • Phyllis Ghaz
      Real Estate Agent
      Re/Max Signature Properties
      Website: www.pointclickandpack.com
    • Matthew Gill
      Home Inspector
      Discovery Inspection
      Website: www.discoveryinspection.com