California Homebuyers Seeks Expert Help in Choosing Between Their Two Favorite Houses

Episode HGBBY-209

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Jamal and Jennifer Booker are ready to stop renting and to purchase their first home in Los Angeles. Their year-long search has led them to two homes: a rancher and an upgraded traditional. Meanwhile, David and Carol Gerke just sold their desert house to move closer to the California coast, and they only have three weeks to move out and find new place. They're deciding between a move-in ready tract house and an older home that has more character. Realtors and other experts advise these homebuyers on which of their two favorite homes is the better buy.


    • Vivian Lesny
      Real Estate Agent The Real Estate Consultants
    • Blake Felton
      Building Specs LA
    • Robert Eisenberg
      Real Estate Agent
      Pinnacle Estate Properties
    • Randy Bouchez
      Lindon Properties
      Phone: 805-297-5051